Mount Pleasant Middle School
Through the diligence of our
outstanding teachers, staff and Board
Students and their families are a part
of the Mt. Pleasant learning
community; where academics,
student self-discipline, respect, and
parent involvement are our

We encourage you to take advantage
of the many opportunities to be
actively involved in your child's
education through attendance at
monthly PTSO meetings and
volunteering to assist with the many
activities planned throughout the
school year.

Our dedicated teachers and staff work
hard to make sure our children
receive the
best quality education

At Mt. Pleasant Middle
School, our
goal is to develop the whole child.  If
you want your child in a caring and
disciplined environment, consider
making Mt. Pleasant the choice for
your child’s educational needs.  We
look forward to partnering with you!

Yolonda Capers
*Mission Statement*
to create positive learning and
work habits in order to
prepare our students for academic
success. We teach students to be
responsible and informed citizens
and to be able to communicate
effectively. Finally, we want to
instill in our children a strong
desire for lifelong learning.

Mt. Pleasant Student Pledge
    Mt. Pleasant S. B. Middle School consistently works with students to
    improve academic performance and increase learning gains on the
    FCAT.  Students have successfully demonstrated academic gains for
    benchmarks at their appropriate grade levels.  

    Admission is free and open to all middle school students.  
    Transportation may be provided, depending on the student's address
    and bus availability.  

    Mt. Pleasant S. B. Middle School is not a private school, not a church
    school, and not an alternative school. We are a traditional public school.

Home of the Diamonds
Contributions to Mt. Pleasant Standard Base Middle School are tax-deductible
2014-2015 School Supply List
Aug. 6, 2014
30 p.m.
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6:00 p.m.
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